What Is a Good Pillow for Neck Pain?

What Is a Good Pillow for Neck Pain?

You may or may not know why you are experiencing neck pain. But one sure way to solve it is to find the best pillow for you.

Although there are certain factors that might require you to be more precise in looking for the right pillow, you can consider the material, characteristics and your sleeping style to make sure you are on the right track.

A Good Pillow Can Alleviate Neck Pains

In addressing neck pain, your aim is to keep your neck properly aligned so as to lessen the pain. This is what the pillow is for—to assist your head in being neutrally aligned with your head sitting squarely on your shoulders without reaching too forward or bending back too far.

What is a good pillow for neck pain? Well, experts agree that the pillow must be:

  • Sturdy
  • Fluffy
  • Able to fill the space between your head, neck and back
  • Able to support your specific position when sleeping
  • Packed with the right filling
  • Able to keep your neck in a neutral position

But then again, that’s just a part of the whole thing. Aside from these characteristics, you must also know your sleeping style. Generally, there are three types of sleeping style: back, side and stomach.

The back sleeping style is considered the healthiest one to reduce pain levels for most patients. The side sleeping style, on the other hand, also has benefits in providing certain support to patients with a few modifications.

The stomach sleeping style is said to be the worst for levels of both back and neck pain.

However, for every sleeping style there is an appropriate pillow. For back sleepers, a moderately low pillow can work. You can also put a small rolled-shaped pillow or rolled towel under your neck as extra support.

Some pillows combine these two characteristics, having a lower and deeper area intended for the head and a roll-shaped area for the neck.

If you are a side sleeper, it is advisable to use a higher pillow in order for your head and neck to be aligned straight over your shoulders, just like when you are standing with good posture.

Just like the previous one, you can use a roll-shaped pillow or rolled towel under your neck complemented with a pillow intended for your head.

If you sleep on your back, a flat pillow should be put under your head, or you can try not using a pillow at all. Another suggestion is to place the pillow under your forehead so that your nose is lifted off, with your head and neck remaining in a more neutral position.

Additionally, there should also be a pillow to support your hips and abdomen to keep your lower spine’s natural inward curve.

Now, if you happen to be traveling and want to sleep, a horseshoe-shaped pillow can be used to avoid neck strain while sitting. Such a pillow gives appropriate support to your neck since it prevents your head from falling too far to one side.

This pillow must be small enough to allow the square alignment of your head over your shoulders without being pushed forward.

Meanwhile, your personal preference is also a key to finding a good pillow. Whatever pillow you choose, it must be comfortable for you to sleep on. Finding the perfect pillow will be a process of trial and error.

To help you out, you can take a look at the following pillows:

Cervical Pillow

Also called an orthopedic pillow, this one has a unique shape. It provides a bigger area to support the neck while giving a plunged area to support the head.

It is often made of memory foam and can be made more comfortable by turning it upside down. This means flipping the concave side so it faces down on the bed.

Feather Pillow: What Is a Good Pillow for Neck Pain

This pillow is easy to manipulate so you can find the right support you need. If you think you change sleep positions quite often, this pillow is very helpful.

Memory Foam

This pillow is designed to keep your head in place by conforming to its shape.

Just remember that whatever neck pillow you choose, it must be flexible enough to move with your body. It should adapt to your body, not the other way around.

So now, if you ask yourself, “what is a good pillow for neck pain?” you know a lot of factors, kinds of pillows and sleeping positions to consider.

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