Trtl Pillow Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow Review

Trtl Pillow Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow: A Review

The joy of traveling is the one you will always hear from those who are lucky enough to do it. Seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing wondrous moments, and making memories. But they almost never talk about the downsides of going on long flights.

Sometimes, flying from one country or continent to another can last a day or two (or more!), making you miss your sleep. Especially when you are traveling with children or bothered by annoying fellow passengers.

Not to mention the awful and uncomfortable seats.

This is why neck pillows are an essential when traveling. Those donut-like, U-shaped pillows that sometimes contain beads or memory foam in them.

They don’t seem to do much until you try the more innovative ones, like the Trtl Pillow Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow. It’s not like your traditional travel pillow because it doesn’t look like one.

It actually looks like a scarf wrapped all around your neck to prevent stiff neck, sore shoulders, and back pain from sitting up for a long time. It makes sure that your head and neck remain aligned in an ergonomic position that is healthy for your muscles.

Feutures of the Trtl Pillow Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

  • Internal Support System and super soft, hypoallergenic polyester fleece
  • Long-haul flight neck support pillow
  • Scientifically proven to be better for your neck and back
  • Holds neck in ergonomic position during rest
  • Not like your conventional U-shaped memory foam neck pillow
  • Better for travel because it’s half the size of a regular travel pillow and weighs only 148 grams
  • Attaches to luggage and carry-on bags easily
  • Machine washable

I flew to Paris this month and I was excited to try this. After all, it’s an innovation and not like the usual U-shaped pillows I have used on all my flights before.

Since it was something new for me, I fumbled a bit when putting it on at first, but it’s not really that complicated. It has velcro on both ends to keep it wrapped.

I wore it around my neck, placing the top edges of it just under my chin. My boyfriend also used his and he made the scarf cover his mouth. It really felt just like a scarf, except it’s a little thicker than that and it’s very soft.

Even though it’s thick, it doesn’t feel suffocating or constricting which I was initially worried about because of the way it’s supposed to be worn. But it was really comfortable and my head didn’t fall way too low to the side or the front even when I let it hang freely. That impressed me already.

So about an hour into the flight, my boyfriend and I fell asleep. I remember feeling really cozy and the Trtl pillow was helpful in keeping me warm since it started being really chilly in the plane.

I woke up three hours later, which was the longest time I’ve been asleep on a plane by the way, and I felt refueled. Aside from the general discomfort in my muscles for sitting for too long, my neck and back felt perfectly fine and I felt well rested.

My boyfriend was already awake when I woke up, so I asked him how he felt about the pillow and he said it was really good. Of course, the pillow did not make you feel as if you’re sleeping in bed, but it was the most comfortable sleep you can ever have on a 10-hour flight.

I would like to add that I couldn’t recline my seat since it was a pretty small plane and someone was sitting behind me, so I was sitting up straight the whole time I was asleep.

This would normally cause one’s mouth to fall open, but that didn’t happen because my chin was propped on the top of the Trtl Pillow. This was not the case with my other donut travel pillows!

When we got out of the plane, I wrapped the scarf around the handle of my carry-on. My only complaint is that it doesn’t fold flat like a regular fabric (because it’s not, obviously) so you can’t really place it in your bag unless you have enough space for it.

It definitely eats up some space, but that’s fine because it can easily attach to your bag externally anyway.


  • Cozy cloth texture
  • Makes me comfortable while sleeping during long hours on the plane
  • Not suffocating or constricting
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in nice colors
  • Prevents stiff neck and back pain caused due to sleeping while sitting up
  • Prevents your mouth from falling open or your head falling to the side/front
  • Easy to attach to your bag


  • Can’t be folded flat so it can take up space in your bag if you choose to put it inside

Personally, the Trtl Pillow is the best travel pillow I have ever tried. The fact that it doesn’t fold completely flat is a minor inconvenience for me compared to what it does. I highly recommend this product.

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