SmarterLife Luxurious Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

SmarterLife Luxurious Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

Are you looking for a good neck pillow? Then take a look at the SmarterLife Travel Pillow, which we have reviewed below.

Features of the SmarterLife Luxurious Memory Foam Travel Pillow

  • U-shaped
  • Made of high-quality and innovative memory foam that conforms to the neck for ultimate comfort and support
  • Adjustable drawstring to find that perfect fit and easily attach to your bag or luggage
  • Ideal both for men and women
  • Works great for traveling or even when at home
  • Removable zippered travel pillow cover that is washable and made of ventilated jacquard velour velvet for airflow
  • Available in crimson sky red, deep sea blue and soft pearl gray
  • Comes with a matching-color water repellent travel bag, “10 Not-To-Miss Places You Should Visit in 2016” guide and e-book on “How to Become Your Best Self”
  • Money-back guarantee


The SmarterLife Travel Pillow has a great combination of size, weight, support and comfort. Unlike other pillows, it does not push your head forward thanks to its high-density memory foam that can conform to your chin, neck and shoulders.

Also, this pillow is U-shaped and open in the front in order to handle all neck sizes while preventing a tight or choking feeling.

There is also a drawstring that allows you to find that perfect fit, with the clasp separating for easy removal. You can also use this drawstring to attach the pillow to your bag or luggage when traveling.

In addition, this product’s has the ideal height to let you use earplugs or headphones. It is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly too, and the memory foam is manufactured using eco-friendly processes and materials.

Its jacquard velour velvet cover is ventilated as well, which prevents overheating and allows you to breathe. The cover is resistant to pollen, dust mites and pet dander, benefiting those with allergies. Further, the cover is zippered, meaning it is also removable so you can wash it.

This pillow is soft on the skin and has no toxic smells, all the more reason for you to purchase it. Further, given its smart design, it is sure to last a long time as you use it when traveling or just relaxing at home.

This product comes in soft pearl gray color too, but it is also available in other colors such as crimson sky red and deep sea blue.

Additional accessories include a water repellent and matching color travel bag, a guide on the “10 Not-To-Miss Places You Should Visit in 2016” and an e-book on “How to Become Your Best Self.” Moreover, it offers a money-back guarantee to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction. So you get a lot of stuff for the price.


Despite being reportedly ideal for all neck sizes, some customers still claimed that this neck pillow is too tall for them, making them feel uncomfortable. Also, the back part is said to be too thick, making your head tilt back and your neck extend, causing you pain.

Furthermore, this product is not as sturdy as expected since there were reports that it ripped after just a few uses and that the cover is flimsy with the seams tearing up easily. Other concerns revolved around its oddly strong bad smell and bulky shape, which means it isn’t ideal for putting inside a bag for traveling.


Despite its flaws, the SmarterLife Travel Pillow is an acclaimed product that benefits a lot of customers. Given that it is made of high-density memory foam it adapts to the shape of your chin, neck and shoulders, providing you with comfort and support. It is U-shaped as well, preventing your head from being pushed forward.

It also has a drawstring that lets you find that perfect fit and allows you to attach this pillow to your bag or luggage. Not only that, the pillow is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic too, being resistant to pet dander, dust mites and pollen.

The cover is made of jacquard velour velvet making it “breathable” as it allows ventilation. Unlike other neck pillows, you will not feel hot and sweaty when you have this pillow around your neck.

Additionally, the cover is zippered, making it removable for easy washing.

This product is soft on the skin and has a smart design. You will also enjoy the extra accessories such as water repellent and a matching color travel bag, a guide on the “10 Not-To-Miss Places You Should Visit in 2016” and an e-book on “How to Become Your Best Self.”

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