J-pillow Travel Pillow Review

J-pillow Travel Pillow Review

Say goodbye to neck pain when you sleep in the car or plane during travel. The J-pillow Travel Pillow can give you the comfort and support you need!

Features of the J-pillow Travel Pillow

  • Winner of the British Invention of the Year 2013 award
  • Ideal for traveling when on trains, planes, cars or buses; can also be used at home
  • Works well when sleeping upright
  • Snap-loop fastener so you can attach it to your luggage when traveling
  • Easy to carry because it can be compressed to a more compact size
  • Machine-washable and can either be air dried (for firmer support) or tumble dried on a low heat (for softer support)


The J-pillow Travel Pillow could be your new best friend either at home or when traveling! Whether you are sitting on the couch to relax or catching up on some sleep during a car or plane trip, this pillow will provide the comfort you need.

It has been designed to work well sleeping upright, which means it provides support for your neck and chin. And it is not just any support; there is a curvy part that goes under your chin to fully cradle both your chin and neck, which also helps to make you feel snug and prevent you from waking up.

Also, this product has cushioning for both the side and back of your head so you can sleep even if you are not lying on the bed. When you use this pillow, it guarantees that your head will not suddenly hit the plane window, and it also prevents you from leaning towards a stranger’s shoulders.

Bringing this pillow on a trip won’t be a hassle because it is very convenient to carry. There is a snap-loop fastener that you can use to attach it to your bag or luggage, so it does not get lost along the way.

If you really want to put it inside your bag, you can just squeeze it down to compress it even more for a nice fit.

And the best part? You can machine wash it, unlike other pillows where you can only machine wash the covers. This saves you from a great deal of trouble since you do not have to put in much effort just to clean and use it again.

You do not need to deal with a smelly pillow every time you travel too; just throw it in the washing machine and it is good as new! You also have options when drying it: air dry for a firmer support or tumble dry on a low heat for a softer support.

All of these just prove why this product won the British Invention of the Year 2013 award. Obviously, it is well-designed to serve customers better who travel and sleep upright a lot.

But even if you do not travel so much, this pillow is still very much beneficial even if you are just at home.

Since many people experience neck pain from time to time, this pillow provides the support needed to take the pain away. This product is truly magnificent and worth your time and dime!


Some users do not recommend this pillow for sitting on the aisle of a plane, train or bus since it works best when you have something to lean your head against. As a result, your head tends to drop as you sleep which eventually wakes you up and can give you a sore neck.

Others have reported that it is too soft for head support. It moves a lot when you use it as well, so you might have to adjust it often. Thus, it is not as comfortable and easy to use as expected.


The J-pillow Travel Pillow has received lots of positive reviews, so it is recommendable. It may not be perfect, but the curvy part that supports your chin is well designed and enables it to cradle your chin and neck as you sleep upright.

This nice design is definitely one of the many factors why this pillow won the British Invention of the Year 2013, which is really something.

It is easy to carry too, with its snap-loop fastener, and it can even be more compressed by squeezing it down. Most of all, it can be machine washed for easy cleaning and gives you options for drying it: air dry for a firmer support or tumble dry on a low heat for a softer one.

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