How to Wash a Neck Pillow

How to Wash a Neck Pillow

Traveling can be tiring, especially if your destination is a long way away. You might think that you are just sitting and doing nothing, but you can’t help but feel sleepy while on the road.

Those who sleep a lot bring a pillow with them on long trips, preferably a neck pillow, so as to make them feel comfortable. However, just like any other pillow, a neck pillow used for traveling also needs washing after some time. Though not all neck pillows have the same components, they can still be cleaned one way or another.

Do you want to know how to wash a neck pillow? Generally, there are two ways: hand-washing and machine-washing.

Whichever method you use, it will mean your pillow is clean and ready once again for use on your next trip. But to guide you further, here are some steps to follow in order to help you out.

Hand-Washing a Neck Pillow: How to Wash a Neck Pillow

When hand-washing your neck pillow, you need a mild liquid detergent, bowl and some rags. Then, you have to do the following:

  1. Fill the bowl with water and then wet a rag in the bowl. After that, apply some detergent to the rag.
  2. Dab the lathered part of the rag against the pillow. Apply more soap and water to the rag as necessary.
  3. Use a second wet rag without detergent on it for rinsing. Follow the same process of dabbing as in Step 2.
  4. Once you’re done, put the pillow in a dry and warm place or pin it to a clothesline or somewhere in the open air.

Machine-Washing a Neck Pillow

If you are too lazy to hand-wash your neck pillow and prefer a washing machine, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Check first if your neck pillow can be machine-dried as well.
  2. Put your neck pillow in the washing machine on a cold setting with mild detergent. You can also put other items in the same load if they can be washed in cold water.
  3. After the wash cycle, transfer your neck pillow to the clothes dryer. Set it to a low heat. If your pillow can’t be dried using the machine, just put it in the open air or hang it on a clothesline.

Some people use very hot water when washing neck pillows in the machine, since hot water is believed to kill dust mites without using bleach or other strong chemicals.

On the other hand, some neck pillows can only be surface washed. If you own such kind a pillow, here are some instructions to do it effectively:

  1. Dampen a soft cloth lightly using warm water.
  2. Put one to two drops of dishwashing liquid on the corner of the dampened cloth and then rub lightly to produce a lather on the cloth.
  3. Look for stain spots on the surface of your neck pillow that need to be rubbed using the cloth. Do this while keeping the pillow’s beads (if any) away from the surface.
  4. Maintain the moisture on the surface of the neck pillow. Don’t let too much moisture infiltrate into the microbeads since this can cause damage.
  5. Rinse the cloth very well and remove all the soap from it. Then go over the scrubbed areas once again and remove as much soap as you can that might still be lingering on the surface of your neck pillow.
  6. Repeat the previous step, going over the whole neck pillow so as to refresh it.
  7. Finally, hang the pillow up to dry. Do not use it until it is 100 percent dry in order to maintain its original shape.

The method for washing a neck pillow is generally the same as cleaning any other pillow you might have. You use soap and water, though not necessarily the same amount as with big pillows, some cloth for dabbing, and then you hang the pillow to dry. Or, for machine washing, you also use the dryer for the pillow.

Just keep in mind to use a gentle cleanser and never use harsh cleansing agents or soaps. Most importantly, never ever use any bleach.

In conclusion, your neck pillow takes care of you, so in return, you must also take care of your neck pillow. You do not want to sleep on something that smells bad, do you?

Also, cleaning and washing your neck pillow is one way to keep it durable so you can use it for a long time. So be diligent and keep your neck pillow clean!

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