How to Use Neck Pillow on Planes: Everything That You Need to Know

How to Use Neck Pillow on Planes Everything That You Need to Know (1)

Long plane travel flights can be exciting but exhausting at the same time. You usually do not have a choice but to stay in an upright sitting position during the entire time unless you booked for a high-class suite where get your cabin and enjoy your personal space while lying down. If that is not the case, then it is only convenient to focus on how to use neck pillow on planes.

A good choice of pillow is critical in getting a good sleep, which is what we want to have especially when traveling for long hours. This is where neck pillows, which come in different types and sizes, get into the picture.

Some neck pillows are inflated with air, while some are made of cotton, microbeads, or memory foam. We can say that they each provide different levels of comfort when we travel, but do we use one differently from the other? Let us find out!

Top Tips for Travelers

Neck pillows are specifically designed to provide support not just for your neck but head as well and keep them in a neutral position as much as possible. The reason being is to reduce or prevent any pressure on your muscles which triggers pain.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

It may not be very obvious, but choosing the perfect seat will allow you to use your neck pillow properly. Your location can make a huge difference in how comfortable you will be since where you sit will either give you or not give you the ability to conveniently adjust your neck pillow’s position as well as your own. Pro tip: Window seats can be more beneficial because it will give you something to lean on to, and keep your head in a stable position.

A good choice of seat can also allow you to recline your chair or to move your armrest depending on what position will make you more comfortable while using your neck pillow. It will also allow your back to stay in a more relaxed stance, thus decreasing the pressure on your neck and lower back.

Adjust Your Seat Accordingly

Using a neck pillow while sitting upright can still cause strain especially if you have a long travel time. Reclining your seat as far back can reduce pressure on your neck and your lower back, and can promote optimal use of your neck pillow.

Sometimes, staying in one position for a long duration will eventually make you feel uncomfortable too. To avoid such discomfort, adjust your position now and then to make sure your body parts get sufficient blood flow.

Flip Your Neck Pillow

We will often see people sleeping with the neck pillow bulge behind their heads, but some find it uncomfortable. A good trick is to flip your neck pillow, so it supports your face and chin instead, and so they do not fall forward. This position will allow your head and your neck to be aligned, thus preventing any muscle tension which again, can trigger pain.

Adjust Your Neck Pillow

Some neck pillows are stuffed with microbeads or gels, and these materials are moveable which allows you to direct them on your preferred side for a higher level of comfort. You can either use the built-in ropes with a lock that they usually come with or bend the pillow to keep the filling stable on the side that you prefer.

Inflatable neck pillows can be adjusted by controlling the amount of air you put in. You inflate it up to a size that is comfortable for you. Other types that use cotton or memory foam can be adjusted by twisting them into different positions until you manage to get them to wrap around your neck at just the perfect tightness.

Make Use of Their Added Features

Some people are not capable of getting a good sleep in a noisy and bright environment, so some neck pillows come with earplugs and eye masks. This proves the fact that aside from the comfort that your soft pillow cushions offer, there are other features they conveniently come with which can give you an even more relaxing travel experience.

Some high-end types also come with built-in earphones which you can easily connect to your phone, laptop, or any media device. This will be a good option for those who prefer listening to a relaxing playlist while traveling. There are also neck pillows with hoods to provide a higher level of comfort for those who are bothered by the air conditions placed above their heads.

The Verdict

After a thorough discussion on how to use neck pillow on planes, will you now consider traveling with one? Why not, right? We assume that we can all agree that as much as possible, we prefer comfort over anything else, and neck pillows were created to make your air travels more relaxed than ever! And it can also help you prevent getting a stiff neck anyway, so again, why not?

A neck pillow can improve your travel experience for as long as you use the right one for you, and you know how to use it properly. Again, the factors mentioned above are just tips on how to use neck pillow on planes. There are no right and wrong ways or step by step instructions on how to use these pillows so it will really be up to you. One good thing to remember though is that, when it comes to neck pillows, you are in control of your own comfort.

You are the only one who can define your own comfort and make adjustments as necessary—you have the option to choose from the different neck pillow types and sizes, and position them as you please.

You also need to consider that these tips may or may not affect someone sitting next to you, so always be considerate of your fellow travelers as you do not want to be the cause of their discomfort, more so they be the cause of yours.

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