How To Inflate Neck Pillows: It Is Much Easier Than You Think!

How To Inflate Neck Pillows: It Is Much Easier Than You Think!

Many people choose their pillows carefully because they are well aware that this item is of great importance when it comes to protecting their neck and head while sleeping. These days, many individuals choose an inflatable neck pillow for a variety of reasons.

On the other hand, others are iffy about selecting this kind since they are unsure of how to inflate neck pillows.

Inflating a neck pillow is no rocket science. In fact, it is a simple process that would not eat so much time. However, it is of utmost importance to follow the correct procedure on how to inflate the pillow.

Why Choose an Inflatable Neck Pillow?

Inflatable neck pillows are great for traveling as they are very portable. If you are the type who does not want to walk around with a pillow in tow, then this kind would be an excellent choice. One can simply place it inside a bag and only take it out when it is about to be used.

One can adjust the firmness or softness of the pillow by adding or releasing more air as needed, unlike regular ones where an individual simply has to put up with its soft foam or firm stuffing.

Aside from its portability, inflatable pillows have medical benefits as well as this type can support the head and neck adequately. In fact, many doctors would recommend air-filled pillows for better sleep and as prevention of neck stiffness.

Those who sleep on their back will do well with an inflatable type because it can prevent the head from falling sideways. This pillow can support the cervical region at the correct height. Plus, this pillow also helps prevent snoring by helping keep the airways open all throughout sleeping.

How to Inflate Neck Pillows: Follow the Steps Correctly

Neck pillows differ from one another, and inflatable ones are no exception. Some are self-inflating while others come with a valve that requires pumps. Others are already stuffed, so they only need some plumping.

How to inflate neck pillows is fairly simple and often takes a couple of minutes.

For those that require being inflated through the mouth, then one only needs to blow into the opening while squeezing the valve gently to let some air in first.

Other pillows may need a small pump as they have some tiny valves that need turning before blowing air on it. The first step in inflating such pillows is to locate the valve controlling the inflation of the air.

Then the valve has to be unscrewed, and the pump’s tube has to be placed on the valve. Pump air up until the pillow is filled with air. Remove the tube quickly from the pillow’s valve then close it immediately to keep the pumped air inside.

If you find that the pillow is too firm for you, then gently open the valve to let some air out until you are happy with the softness or firmness of the pillow.

It is highly recommended, too that users read up the manual or guidelines in inflating the pillow as provided by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that these products differ from one another and as such taking the time to read and understand the user manual would be beneficial.

Care Instructions For Inflatable Neck Pillows

One has to follow the care instructions provided for by the manufacturer to ensure the longevity of an inflatable neck pillow.

For one, keep the pillow away at all times from pointed objects like pens, needles, and pins. Direct contact with these objects may damage the pillows permanently. Keep in mind that any hole in the pillow may reduce its function as air will seep through.

Packing the pillow, too is crucial. Unlike others, this kind of pillows needs more careful handling as they are more sensitive compared to regular pillows. Sometimes, extreme heat could cause the material to deteriorate.

Also, make sure to follow the wash instructions given by the manufacturer. Many inflatable neck pillows are for hand-washing only.

Cleaning them using washing machines may cause damage or break them permanently. Other manufacturers even warn against washing the product as prolonged exposure to water is not feasible.

An Alternative 

While inflatable neck pillows have its virtues, some people do not want to deal with the extra handling precautions of this item. As such, they would look for other kinds of pillows that shares the advantages of the inflatable ones but does not require complicated care instructions.

If this is the case, then it would be best to scout for another kind of pillow. It would be a good choice too to opt for the memory foam neck pillows.

Many doctors would recommend memory foam neck pillows for patients who suffer from neck conditions or those who want to avoid stiffness and pain in that particular body part. After all, memory foam pillows share the same virtues of the inflatable ones.

Memory pillows remember and follow the contour of the head and neck. As such, there is no need to adjust the pillows as it can ‘remember.’

Plus, this kind of pillows is perfect for those who sleep on their backs or sides as it can provide the needed support for the head and neck. They are firm enough to keep these two body parts comfortable all throughout one’s sleep. When sleeping on the back, it can prevent the head from falling sideways.

Memory foam pillows also prevent anyone from snoring. This is because it helps open up the airways, which is crucial for the prevention of—well—snoring.

This type of pillows also comes in different sizes, which also makes it a great travel companion. While it cannot be folded like the inflatable types, it can, however, be placed conveniently on luggage and bags. One merely has to find a memory neck pillow that has a lock-on feature that can securely place the pillow on your bags.

If you want the advantages of an inflatable pillow, but want less hassle in its care and storage, then the memory foam pillow might just work well for you. But if you’re out of luggage space, inflatable types are the way to go.

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