Do Neck Pillows Help: Everything That You Need to Know

Do Neck Pillows Help Everything That You Need to Know

Neck pain is the most common complaint that you will hear from people who just came from a long journey. Whether they come from a plane flight or a long bus ride, sitting for hours can put pressure not only on your neck but your head and shoulders as well, causing you to feel uncomfortable and exhausted. You might be wondering, do neck pillows help raise your comfort level? Well, that’s what we will find out today.

You will usually see people using a pillow when traveling especially if it will take long hours. You can either sleep while traveling, watch a movie, or read a book, but sitting in an upright position for a long time will surely take a toll on you, so you want to make sure you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Others bring neck pillows, others use earplugs, and others use an eye cover just to try to make themselves comfortable.

Do Neck Pillows Help: Things That You Need to Consider

We all demand different kinds and levels of comfort, and this is just one reason why neck pillows come in different types and sizes. The materials they are made of vary starting with the external fabric up to the type of their filling which can either be air, cotton, microbeads, or memory foam. On top of that, they also offer added features which may differ from one pillow to another.

The Material

The external fabric of your pillow is one of the most critical factors to consider when you want to choose a neck pillow that can give you comfort. Some fabrics are soft to touch, but some may cause your skin to feel itchy. Some can make you feel warm while others are cold to touch. You also have to consider if you are the type who easily develops allergies so you can look for those made with hypoallergenic materials.

There are also pillows which come with removable and washable covers which is a good thing, so you can have the option of cleaning them whenever necessary. If the covers are not removable, you can at least check if the materials can be washed because traveling with a clean pillow will unquestionably add comfort.

The Filling

The inside of your pillow is just as important as the external structures. The pillow fillings can either be air, cotton, microbeads, or memory foam. The inflatable pillows are firm, but you can usually adjust them by controlling the amount of air you put in depending on the level of comfort you need. Some people would say they prefer this type since you can easily make adjustments, and they appear to be more stable.

The cotton, microbeads, and the memory foam fillings are the soft ones. These types can usually provide maximum support to the head, neck, and chin. You can generally make adjustments with their tightness by twisting the pillows in different angles until you get the most comfortable position for you. They typically come with built-in ropes with a lock so you can customize how they fit on your neck while their soft cushions provide maximum support.

The Size

The size of your neck pillow is another crucial thing to think about while also considering your height and weight. You will surely need a bigger pillow if you are taller or heavier, to ensure that you get the comfort that you need. Some pillows may cause your head to fall forward if you end up using a size bigger than what you need, and if you choose a smaller one, it can cause strain on your neck muscles.

So aside from considering the material and the filling, it is crucial to get the right size of pillow for maximum support. The size of inflatable pillows may be adjusted by changing the inflation level, but with the other types, you will need to choose the right size, or you’d rather not use one at all.

The Comfort Level

Do you often have neck pains after traveling? Or do you also have back pains? There are pillows designed to support only the head and neck, and there are those which can also support your chin and nape, too. There are also those types that ensure your head and neck are aligned, thus reducing pressure on your cervical area.

Meanwhile, some people are unable to sleep in a noisy and bright environment, which is why some neck pillows come with earplugs and eye masks. These added features will help you get the maximum comfort that you need. Some pillows can also be twisted in different ways so you can make it into a shape more comfortable for you, although some just stay on their U-shaped form.

The Verdict

After thorough research and discussion, you may still be thinking about the same question: Do neck pillows help raise your level of comfort? Yes, we can conclude that neck pillows aid in providing comfort for as long as we consider some important factors.

There is no guaranteed effect, but we can say that the comfort they can bring are dependent on the things that we consider when choosing the type of neck pillow that we will use. The material or fabric of the pillow is an important factor because some of us can develop allergies easily. Some fabrics are soft to touch, while others will feel rough when rubbed against our skin.

The pillow size and the pillow filling are just as important because ending up with the wrong ones can do more harm than good, that means you are getting a stiff neck or any other body pain. So, aside from the materials they were made from, make sure you give them a try and get a feel for how they fit on your neck.

Overall, the most important factor to consider will be your needs. Regardless of all the benefits they all claim to offer, what matters most is the level of comfort that you will need. Choose a neck pillow that can meet, if not surpass, your expectations comfort-wise. Choose one the fits you perfectly.

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