Correct Neck Pillow Size: The Importance

Correct Neck Pillow Size

Sleep is a very important part of our lives. Humans actually spend 229, 961 hours sleeping their entire lifetime. So, if the average lifespan is 79 years, about 26 years of that was spent sleeping.

Good sleep is important for us to have a healthy mind and body because while we are sleeping, your body works on healing and recovering from the damages caused by that day’s work. With the correct neck pillow size, a good sleep is possible.

An adult person should sleep for about seven to nine hours a day. If a person does not get enough sleep, you might feel drowsy and irritable and unable to process information quickly. Quality sleep, not just sleep, is important.

So, what is quality sleep? Quality sleep is the number of times a person goes through a sleep cycle and to feel well rested; you should be able to go through four to five cycles every time you sleep.

We cannot stress enough how important sleep is so aside from the effects mentioned above, other effects of not getting enough sleep include:

  • Can lead to serious health problems
  • Can cause accidents
  • Can cause depression
  • Can cause you to look older than you age
  • Can cause forgetfulness
  • Can cause you to gain unnecessary weight

There are a lot of things that can help you achieve quality sleep and one of them is choosing the correct pillow size. The right neck pillow size is important so that a person can sleep in the correct posture.

Neck Pillow Size: Choosing the Right One

Neck pains are some of the results when the wrong type and size of a pillow is used while sleeping. Using the correct size leads to achieving the ideal spinal posture while sleeping so that neck pains won’t happen. There is no standard, in general, in choosing the correct neck pillow size; however, Dr. Garret Hall, who is a chiropractor, created a standard in choosing the perfect neck pillow.

According to him, everyone should have at least two personal pillows when sleeping. There are two air gaps when lying down; they are the neck and knees. Air gaps are the space between the body and the mattress. Those gaps should be filled by those two pillows, and when filling those air gaps, it is important that the spine has a neutral and good posture.

The following factors are considered in choosing the correct pillow size. Below, it shows that pillows are measured as small, medium and large. Furthermore, length and width may differ depending on the brand.

  • Height
  • Body type: Small, Average and Large
  • Measurement from shoulder to neck
  • Sleeping position: If you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper.

Height             Body Type     Shoulder to Neck      Side Sleeper  Back Sleeper

Under 5’3        Small-Average            Up to 4”           S                      S

Under 5’ 3”      Average-Large            4”- 6”               M                     S

5’ 4”-5’ 9”         Small-Average            4”- 6”               M                     S

5’ 4”-5’ 9”         Average-Large            6”- 8”               L                      M

5’ 10”-Over 6” Small-Average            8”-10”              L                      M

5’ 10”-Over 6” Average-Large            Over 10”          L                      L

Once you have chosen the correct pillow size, the materials used should also be considered. If you have allergies, choosing materials that are hypoallergenic will be best for you. The most commonly used materials in pillows are memory foam, latex, feather, polyester, and gel.

  • Memory foam has been gaining popularity among people who have frequent neck and back pains after sleeping. This type of pillow is a dense and firm material that molds to the shape of the head and neck, giving pain relief and very good support ( In addition, the material is hypoallergenic.
  • Unlike memory foam that has a dense characteristic, latex, on the other hand, is bouncier and lightweight. It might feel weird using it at first because of the bounce, but in the long run, it becomes comfortable.
  • Feather is the softest among the materials because as the name implies, this material came from birds, specifically ducks and geese. This material feels luxurious because of its softness. This material lasts a long time unlike the other two mentioned above, which need replacing after a while because it loses its bounce.
  • The gel is often mixed with other types of pillow materials to give a cooling effect. This type of material is perfect for those people who feel warm when they sleep. This type of pillow is often called gel-infused pillows.
  • Polyester, or sometimes called microfiber, is one of the most commonly used pillow material. This type of pillow needs replacing every one or two years, and it is not recommended if your head and neck require more support.

Lastly, it is also important to consider the condition that you have. While a simple neck pain can be relieved by using a generic neck pillow, there are instances in which a medical professional would require you to use a specialized pillow when the pain is chronic. Seeking an expert medical advice is your first step before buying a pillow for your neck pain.


Choosing the right size and material can be overwhelming because of the many options that we have. You need to take your time in choosing the perfect pillow and if the store allows in-store pillow testing, then test the pillow first.

You may also speak to the store personnel because they should know their products, they should be able to make good recommendations on which is the right pillow for you. If your condition is much more specialized, speaking to a medical expert like a chiropractor, is going to be highly important. Chiropractors know the human body more than anyone else so, they are knowledgeable in the correct body alignment in different bodily positions.

We hope that the information given above will be able to help you choose not only the right pillow size but also the right pillow for a good night’s sleep.

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