Best Neck Pillow for Sleeping: The One For Maximum Comfort

Best Neck Pillow for Sleeping

The kind of bed and pillow you sleep on makes a huge difference on how well you sleep. Having uncomfortable sleep is known to be the root cause of several problems. Uncomfortable sleep leads to lack of sleep. It is scientifically proven that lack of good sleep can adversely affect your body and health. This is associated with head and neck pain , diabetes, cardio problems, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

So, there are several ways to make sure you can get comfortable sleep. One such way is by using a neck pillow. To help you find the best neck pillow for sleeping  we are going to be listing three of the best ones available right now.

Before we get into reviewing three of the best neck pillow for sleeping, you must know what are the health benefits of using a neck pillow when asleep.

Discomfort in the neck can cause issues like head and back pain and can even cause breathing problems. Having support from the neck pillow to the neck helps in aligning the vertebrae and this significantly reduces aches and pains.

So, now that you know why you actually need a neck pillow, let’s get into reviewing some of the top neck pillows available right now.

Best Neck Pillow for Sleeping: Which one’s the most comfortable

Tampor Memory Foam Contour Pillow

For people who are especially looking for neck alignment, they will benefit greatly from this neck pillow. The technology used in this as well as the special formula makes sure that this neck pillow is soft and firm and also dense, however still breathable.

The memory foam that is used in this pillow is CertiPUR. This is a US certification for durability, performance, and content. You can be sure of the fact that this neck pillow is free from any harmful material like lead or other heavy metals. And to make it even better, this neck pillow is dust and mite proof and also hypoallergenic.

This neck pillow has a very comfortable contour in a B shape which supports the neck brilliantly. This helps reduce pressure on the neck as well as the head.

An interesting feature about the memory foam in this neck pillow is that is it completely temperature neutral. Tampor has patented their Temperature-neutral memory foam. This memory foam does not ever get hard in cold weather or turn way too soft in warm weather. It’ll remain the same throughout the year.

This brand offers a five-year quality warranty. The pillowcase on this neck pillow is removable and can be machine washed. There is an extra pillowcase too. The pillow size is 24 x 16 x 3.5/4.3 inches.


  • US certified memory foam
  • Five-year quality warranty


  • A little on the harder side
  • Contour is not enough, on the flatter side.

Nakital Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The most interesting feature in this neck pillow is that the memory foam has a ventilated design. This is fantastic as it allows air to circulate all over. Due to its contour memory foam, it provides exceptional support to the neck and the head which in turn helps in achieving a more relaxed and comfortable sleep. This neck pillow has great elasticity too.

The company claims that there are several health benefits with the use of their neck pillow. Not only does it benefit the head and the neck but also the pillow is known to be excellent for those who suffer from allergies. People who suffer from allergies can benefit greatly from this pillow and achieve a good night’s sleep without the allergies.

The pillow is free from all harmful materials. It is also dust and bug-free and the filling used is mostly natural. The cover on this neck pillow can be removed and also can be washed in the machine. It is hypoallergenic and is made from polyester and cotton fabric. The cover is known to be breathable and also repels moisture.


  • Works great for people with allergies.
  • Contours on this pillow are great as it supports the neck and head perfectly.


  • There is known to be a weird smell that comes from the neck pillow during the initial few days of using this.
  • It does not keep its shape.

Duro-Med DMI Hugg-A-Pillow

This is called an all in one orthopedic pillow as it not only comforts the neck and head but also the shoulders as well, thus reducing the pressure and the strain completely on the neck while you are asleep.

The L-shaped design on this pillow works perfectly to mold all of the contours of your body. It does not lose its shape at any point. Due to its shape, it can be used in any sleeping position, that is side or even on your stomach. This pillow has a size of 17 x 22 inches.

The pillow comes with a cover. This cover can be removed and is machine washable. The material used to make this cover is polyester and cotton. This pillow is hypoallergenic and dust resistant. This comes available in only one color, however, and that color is white.


  • Its unique L-shaped makes it very convenient to sleep in whichever position you would like.
  • Support for the shoulders as well gives it another plus point to itself.


  • It is not as soft as the company claims to be. In fact, it is known to be on the harder side.
  • It is also much thicker than it should be. This pushes the head up much higher making it very uncomfortable.


These three are indeed three of the best neck pillow for sleeping. Any one of these will ensure that you will have a good night’s sleep every day. Each of them is unique in their own way and have their own benefits. But, if we had to make a choice and choose one for you, then our choice would be the Tampor Memory Foam Contour Pillow. Not only is this credited with CertiPUR but also its patented temperature neutral memory foam makes it more attractive to buy it.

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