Are Memory Foam Pillows Good For Neck Pain: Doctors Say Yes!

Are Memory Foam Pillows Good For Neck Pain: Doctors Say Yes!

There are a great number of reasons on why we should pay attention to how our bodies are positioned when we sleep. Often, we wake up with numbness in our extremities due to our sleeping positions. However, it is known that one of the most crucial body parts to watch for when sleeping is our cervical spine.

As such, we need a good pillow to protect our necks. But what exactly are the best pillows for our cervical spine and are memory foam pillows good for neck pain?

Sleeping Tips To Protect the Head and Neck

There are many reasons why we should pay attention to our pillows. For one, a comfortable pillow will give us the rest our bodies need. A too hard pillow, for example, may just disrupt our rest.

Research shows that two sleeping positions are best to ensure the safety of our heads and neck: side and back. These positions are the easiest on our cervical spine.

For back and side sleepers, there are tips to follow to avoid any pain or stiffness in our heads and necks after we wake up.

For one, doctors would caution patients to avoid using firm or high pillows since these will keep our necks flexed for hours. For those sleeping on their sides, it is best to keep the spine straight with the use of a pillow that is lower on the neck than on the head.

If one has to rest on automobiles, trains or planes, then a horseshoe-shaped pillow is best as it can support the neck as well as keep the head from dropping to either side. Having large pillows while in transit, after all, will push the head forward.

Since we are unable to watch out for our positions when we sleep, it is then imperative to choose a pillow that would provide us with the most comfort. This is why many doctors recommend using memory foam.

Are Memory Foam Pillows Good For Neck Pain? A Big Yes!

Patients, who have cervical or spinal problems will ask their doctors this question: “Are memory foam pillows good for neck pain?” And they, in turn, will hear their doctors say that it is best to invest in memory foams.

This special cushion follows the natural contour of our bodies, which could either help alleviate or prevent pains.

Our necks are naturally curved, and we should always avoid having them in a straight position at all times. Otherwise, we might end up hurting the bones and discs of the cervical region.

This is why memory foams are essential if we want to avoid any pain and stiffness in the neck and to ensure the health of these body parts.

These memory foam pillows help in the prevention of cricks in our necks given their dense material, which keeps the cervical spine from bending in an uncomfortable direction. This is particularly true when we are traveling.

This kind of pillow also ensures that our spine is always aligned since it keeps the neck from bending. Unlike other pillows, we do not need to adjust memory foams thus saving us time and effort in fluffing and flipping since it will always keep its size and shape.

Memory foams also help reduce our snoring since they follow the natural contour of our cervical spine, which continually allows air passages. Regular pillows, on the other hand, push our heads up which block the air passages.

One of the best things about these pillows is that they now come in different sizes and shapes. We can now find memory pillows that are suited to our body sizes.

Plus, we can buy them in different shapes depending on whether we want them for our beds or for traveling. The variety of choices are suitable for those who are keen on the protection of their heads and necks.

What to Consider In Buying Memory Foam Pillows

There are many advantages in investing in a memory foam pillow. But there are other things to keep in mind when buying one.

For one, it is also best to consider one’s medical conditions when buying them. This is especially true for people with asthma or those with many allergies.

Memory foam pillow products on the market vary. Some are hypoallergenic, and others are not. So, if you think that an allergen-free product is of great importance, then this must be a top consideration, too when buying pillows.

If this is the case, then it is best to choose one that is hypoallergenic and certified as such. Unfortunately, some products use harsh chemicals, which might be a cause of allergic reaction.

Plus, you may want to purchase one that has a removable cover so that it can frequently be washed to avoid accumulation of dust or dirt on the cover and pillow as well.

The fabric’s cover is also of equal importance given that some manufacturers use velvety kind of cloth, which unfortunately easily attracts dust. Others prefer 100 percent cotton cover because their skin does not react to it.

Ease of cleaning is another factor. Many memory foam pillows vary in their care instructions as others can be machine washed while some should only be dry cleaned or hand washed.

If you are particular about the ease of cleaning of the foam, then it is best to opt for one that can be cleaned using the latter methods.

Portability of the pillow is of great importance, too as some would want a pillow that will accompany them on their travels. If this is so, then a horse or infinity-shaped ones will work best for you.

It is also important to consider the design of the pillow for traveling. Does it have a snap that users can easily attach to their bag or luggage?

Is there a way of strapping the pillow to the automobile, train or plane seat to keep it in place as you sleep while traveling? One must pay attention to these details, too to ensure comfortable travel with the memory foam pillow.

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